Evoking the “eternal French style”, the new ceremonial collection recalls the France that marked a before and after, a time with an air of change. Inspiration is observed at a time when new fashions coexist with old ones, avant-garde with vintage. The jacket, jacket and culottes of that time are transformed into the contemporary jacket, vest and trousers.


It is a collection full of energy honoring La Revolution, with the elegance of the bourgeoisie and the air of sophistication of the nobility. Sets in green, blue and burgundy tones, in the purest Eugène Delacroix style, which renew the carmagnole to a new jacket, always maintaining the essence and sophistication of the brand.
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We transmit innovation and exclusivity in each collection. Luxury qualities and exquisite details take center stage in both the Prêt-a-porter and ceremony collections. Our patterns tend to fit the body, hugging it and without losing a bit of comfort, to achieve that stylized look that characterizes us. Avant-garde elegance for an urban man.

All our garments go through a design, manufacturing and production process during which our pattern makers and designers take maximum care of the detail and quality of the raw materials. We produce exclusively in Europe, with Spain and Portugal being the countries that concentrate the greatest workload.